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Dry eyes / tearing eyes


IRPL® technology developed by E-Swin’s engineers brings an entirely new dimension to conventional IRPL. It is a first for dry eye syndrome, using intense regulated pulsed light technology. An innovative and effective treatment for dry eyes caused by Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

E-Eye is a polychromatic pulsed light generator capable of producing sequences of light pulses that are perfectly calibrated and homogeneous.

Carved pulses are delivered in the form of pulse trains. Their spacing, energy and spectrum are precisely determined in order to stimulate the Meibomian glands and help them regain normal function/ to produce enough tears again to keep eyes moist.

What is dry eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition affecting between 5 to 15% of the population, with regional variations, with symptoms increasing with age. Meibomian gland dysfunction has been identified as one of the main causes of dry eye syndrome around the world. Modern lifestyle factors, such as working on computers screens, driving cars, artificial lights, air pollution and contact lenses, make dry eye syndrome even more of a nuisance and a more regular occurrence.

There are around 80 meibomian glands located on the upper and lower eyelids. These glands produce a fatty substance that prevents tear evaporation, that adapts to irregularities of the eye surface and ensures a perfectly convex dioptre.

How can you be a suitable candidate for this treatment?

Do you suffer from dry eyes? Do your eyes constantly feel tired? Do you experience a gritty or sandy feeling in and around your eyes? Then book your consultation with us now to find out if you are a suitable candidate.

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